Knights Of Rizal

Purposes and Objectives

I. General Objectives
  1. To study the teachings of Dr. Jose Rizal;
  2. To inculcate and propagate them among all classes of Filipino and foreign nationals;
  3. To exhort our citizenry by words and deed, to emulate and practice the examples and teachings of our national hero;
  4. To promote among the associated Knights the spirit of patriotism and Rizalian chivalry;
  5. To develop a perfect union among the Filipinos in revering the memory of Dr. Jose Rizal; and
  6. To organize the hold programs commemorative of Rizal’s nativity and martyrdom.
II. Specific Objectives
  1. To study and spread the ideals, teaching and exemplary life of Rizal especially to the Youth of the Land.
  2. To organize chapters in any community anywhere in the world and to undertake such programs of activities which will promote individual commitment to the idealism of Rizal and encourage personal involvement in the contemporary problems of the nation, and
  3. To train and develop the Filipino Youth in character building, citizenship training, democratic leadership and enlightened nationalism and dedicated service to country and people.

Love his country and people;
Venerates the memory of the nation’s heroes by making their ideals his own and his children’s
Strives to do justice to all his fellowmen;
Maintains a tolerant and understanding attitude towards his fellowmen;
Values honor as he values his life;
Upholds freedom at all cost;
Promotes socials justice and general welfare of his countrymen; and is
Truthful and honest in thoughts and in deeds.

  1. I do solemnly promise upon my word of honor that:
  2. I have seriously studied the teachings of Rizal, and shall endeavor to put them into practice always keeping in mind the Order’s motto “NON OMNIS MORIAR” (not everything in me will die);
  3. I shall work for a perfect union among the members and my community;
  4. I shall do no wrong and shall protect and defend my fellowmen against all violence and injustice;
  5. I shall endeavor, as far as possible, to extend assistance to those in need, and promote their welfare; and
  6. I shall uphold and obey strictly the by-laws of the Order and its other rules and regulations.

In fraternal union with my Brother-Knights, I pledge lifetime devotion to the ideals of the Order of Knights of Rizal and to the teachings of the National Hero who so gave up his life that the tenets of justice freedom, chivalry, human dignity and love of country, which I make my own, will not perish from the hearts of men.