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Dr. José Rizal's Writings.

KOR Diamond Chapter

Dr. José Rizal spend a great part of his life writing letters, poems, essays and novels. The list below only represents a small fraction of his writings.

Among the numerous publications the two main books publisched bij Dr. José Rizal are :

  • Noli me Tangere - A Dutch copy (PDF) can be downloaded here
  • El Filibusterismo (The Reign of Greed) in English (MS-WORD) can be downloaded here
  • other works written and published by Dr. José Rizal are :

  • Amor Patrio (published in Diarong Tagalog under the pen-name Laong Laan on August 20, 1882)
  • Annotations to Morga's 1609 Philippine History
  • To the Young Women of Malolos
  • The Indolence of the Filipinos
  • The Tortoise and the Monkey - 1889 (click here)
  • Makamisa (published by Ambeth Ocampo, 1992)
  • Dr. José Rizal also wrote several poems. Such as :

  • Sa Aking Mga Kabata - To My Fellow Children - 1869 (click here)
  • A La Juventud Filipina - To the Philippine Youth
  • A Las Flores De Heidelberg - To the Flowers of Heidelberg - 1886 (click here)
  • The Song of Maria Clara - 1887 (click here)
  • Mi último adiós - My Last Farewell - 1896 (click here)